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3 Axis Lift Mixing Tumbler


This equipment can execute automatically raising, blending and lowerng tasks. One main machine can be configured with multi-bins, so varietal blending can be satisfied, consequently it is considered as the ideal blending equipment in pharmaceutical industry. It is also widely used in chemical, foodstuff industries, etc.


This equipment is succesfully designed on the basis of a wide research, absorbtion and digestion of foreign advanced models.

It has a reasonable structure with stable performances and easy operation.

The whole machine has no dead angle or exposed screws.

Structural characteristics of this equipment are: the bin is tilted 30° as compared with the rotation axis, the materials perform a double movement inside the bin, a constant and intense turnover following the frame rotation and also a relatively high tangential motion along the bin wall to realize an optimal blending effect.

PLC, also infrared safety device and a device avoiding misoperation of butterfly valve are designed to ensure a fully automatic control and a safe production.

All processes of the materials are finished in a same container without frequent materials transfer, charging and shift.

Consequently, powder dust or cross pollution are effectively controlled to reduce materials losses, and on the other hand, an effective control of materials layers is achieved.

Finally the production process has been greatly optimized.

HTD Series post bin blenders comply entirely with GMP requirements for medicine production.

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