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Albertina company is a renowned producer of filling, labelling and capping machines. Our machinery finds its´ use in food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Range of machines Albertina produces is very wide, both in term of capacity and in term of package sizes.

In addition to various types of machines we also supply complete filling lines with the capacity from 1000 to 12000 bottles per hour. The lines include filling and capping machines, labelling machine, shrink tunnel and conveyor belts.

Albertina company is a reliable partner not only in production, but also in consultancy, service and certification, including certification of lines for an environment with explosion hazard. We also provide installment and operational qualifications in pharmaceutical industry.


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The Masek Packaging Machinery Company is a leading supplier of packaging machinery and equipment to the food, confectionery, pet food, pharmaceuticals, and chemical industries.

The extent of our current product line and the ongoing innovations supporting activity enables us to offer a complete range of leading edge packaging solutions.


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Since it’s establishment in 1977, THOMAS MACHINERY LTD is one of the leading industrial companies in manufacturing of all kinds of filling lines and its accessories for the Cosmetic, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Dairy, Chemical and Agro-chemical as well as Household products industry. Our reputation for specialization related to the ability to manufacture machines to fill any type of liquids and powders in any container has exceeded and spread to include clients in many European and Middle East countries.

Thomason have based their success on being able to customize each machine to match to the clients product by looking to its own design departments manned by highly skilled personnel using computerized drawing system for developing and studying machine components for absolute precision performance and producing machines that have sophisticated engineering, sturdy construction and long term reliability.


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afa systems

Afa Systems

Our Focus

AFA Systems Ltd. is a leading provider of Custom Designed Automation Solutions for a variety of Industries World Wide. We are a provider of end-to-end solutions for all of our clients. Whether it is robotics, cartoners, conveyor systems, packaging or high-speed assembly, AFA can provide custom solutions for all of your needs.


Engineered Solutions

Engineered products result in engineered solutions. AFA’s packaging systems provide our customers with performance driven packaging automation. From beginning to end, AFA Systems provides the best material handling and packaging solutions. We are dedicated to making every project a complete success.


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Tecno Pack

Our packaging machines are all electronic, robust and simple to manage. All machinery is produced to provide ergonomic and sanitized solutions. Our range of products offers solutions for all packaging sectors in flow pack as well as a wide range of requirements from low speed manual loading packaging to maximum automated versions. The range of production of Tecno Pack can meet many different packaging requirements. Manual requirements find either horizontal rotary or box motioned wrapping machines solutions while higher technological needs can be satisfied by completely automatic and integrated solutions.


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product CZ

Product CZ

Your supplier of filling and packaging machines and technological equipment

PRODUCT CZ, s.r.o.

Prumyslová 819/IV

503 51 Chlumec nad Cidlinou

Czech Republic

Tel: (+420) 777 109 603

Fax: (+420) 495 490 106



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PackFeeder, with 30+ years experience in the packaging sector, has developed a new plastic bottle unscrambling concept. The unique features of our innovative system, which have granted it several patents worldwide, allow the positioning of the container in an easy and smooth way, with exquisite container care, and also allow cost saving. Its key advantages make the system the best choice when it comes to positioning and orienting plastic containers.


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ETIMA, is the leader Company in “packaging” sector, specialized in labelling industry, with machinery 100% manufactured for us. Our premise has always being developing machines or adapted applications or related to the customer’s needs and requires. The objective has been and will be offer versatile products with high efficiency, searching to minimize the cost, increasing the production and searching high quality of the product. ETIMA, is composed by a great human team with a lot of experience Engineers, Operators, Commercials, Technical Service, etc…)ETIMA, has a solution for everything related in labelling sector.


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Capmatic® has grown to becoming North America’s leading one-source manufacturer of liquid, tablet and powder packaging equipment. Since 1964, the company’s unique solutions and unmatched passion for excellence have provided its customers the means to adapt to the changing market.

Capmatic® is known in the industry for its unique European design and capability to minimize production costs through integrating multiple packaging applications on Monoblock systems. The organization engages in the manufacturing of full turnkey packaging lines of unscramblers, sorters, fillers, cappers, labelers, cartoners, bundlers, and case packers.

Capmatic® turns its customer’s packaging vision into practical reality. Flexibility to handle a wide variety of containers and products, short change-over time, and higher yields are design features built into every Capmatic® machine.


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Tepack designs, constructs, assembles, follows-up and improves high production machines of flexible packaging. We focus not only on machines but also on everything related to packaging environment, such as fillers or transfer groups. Design, construction, assembling and follow-up of high production machines of flexible packaging. Peripherals design: fillers for liquids, solids, powder and transfer groups. Technical service, repairing and updating our machinery.


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