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VXL-50P Tablet/Capsule Pouch Packaging Machine


It is an Automatic Vertical Form Fill Seal (three-sided) packaging of medicinal, confectionary and foodstuffs products such as round shaped tablets, capsules, sugar coated tablets or round hard candies.


  • Color LCD Screen Display all operating functions.
  • Easy tear cut feature is included.
  • Automatic bag-making, measuring, filling, sealing, cutting and counting.
  • The Photoelectric System — no error of compensation or cumulative error.  It will identify the pattern and cut immediately to prevent any single wastage of material.
  • The length of the bag can be adjusted using digital control system.
  • ACS (Automatic Control System) to ensuring pre-print and cutting position.
  • Equipped with electronic temperature control systems for sealing in transverse and longitudinal directions, respectively.
  • Accurate measurement — automatic tablet counting disk device, and different size of counting disk is available.
  • All stainless steel construction meet cGMP standard.


  • Thermal printing system with 1~3 rows of adjustable ink rollers and ribbons.
  • Automatically stops when no product or packing material.
  • 4-Side Sealed Integration

Packing Materials:
Paper/PE, PT/PE, BOPP Films and other adhesive complex films.

 Filling Range  < 30 pcs/pouch (Ø12mm)
 Capacity  Up to 60 pouches/min
 Pouch Size  (L)  40 – 130 mm
(W) 40 – 90 mm
 Power  110V or 220V, 0.8 kW
 Weight  165 kg ( 365 lbs )
 Dimension (L x W x H)  22″ x 28″ x 59″


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