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Automatic Jar Filling and Capping Monoblock

The jar filling and capping monoblock is capable of filling jars of a capacity of 50-500 ml. The maximum monoblock output reaches 25 jars per minute for a single-row machine and 50 jars per minute for a double-row machine.

Description of the Machine Function:

Stacks of jars are put in a special adjustable container. The jars are taken from the container automatically using pneumatic suction pads and put in the rotary system. The rotary system moves the jars to the filling position, where they are filled using a Lobe pump or a piston-type filling unit. When filled, the jars move to the capping position, where a cap is put on them, and then the cap is pushed on the container in the next position. Finally, the jars exit on the conveyer to the labeling position.

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