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Automatic Mechanic Forming Machine FC 662 S

Machine suitable to form trays and boxes starting from cardboard by means of hot melt sealing with the following technical characteristics:

– Compact overall dimensions

– Frame in painted steel and aluminum “anticorodal” -Maintenance reduced to a minimum

– Easy access

Forming machine composition:

Cardboards store:

– Adjustment through a hand wheel with position indicator -Automatic compacting system

Cardoboards denester:

– Picking up arm with suckers

– Suction system by “venturi” with filter Forming group:

– Fast mould change

– Power limitation on the forming mould with alarm and automatic unlocking

– Adjustable sprayers through hand wheel with position indicator

Technical Characteristics:

– Performances: until 55 cycles/1 ‘ with 1 forming head; until 110 cycles/1 ‘ with 2 foming heads

– Cardboards store: lenght 1000 mm abt. (capacity 2000 cardboards abt.)

– Air consumption: 3 ÷ 4,5 Nl/cycle depending on the models -Netweight: 600 kg: (1 forming head)

1100 kg : (2 forming heads)

Electric Characteristics:

– CPU axis control and machine cycle

– Operator terminal: Touch-Screen for data memorization and parameters control -Motorization: Brushless

– Electric installation IE execution and safe guards: CE regulations

– Power: 7,5 Kw

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