Capmatic has redefined the meaning of control and quality with its BeltStar 3G (capper and re-torquer). As part of a roll-out of the company tablet packaging line equipment, the BeltStar 3G rival the competitors by providing its operator programmable recipe driven change-over, HMI viewing of applied true torque, and the capability of 100% verification of torque.

Under the stainless-steel fine finish, the BeltStar 3G is a fully integrated performance-driven machine equipped with robust mechanical system and latest in magnetic slip clutch technology. The BeltStar 3G is designed as a standard to have the ability to handle a wide range of containers, flat continuous-threaded caps, lugs, and press-on caps.

Applications: Capping

Speed Up to 350 BPM*


Cap Diameter

Minimum12 mm

Maximum110 mm

Bottle Diameter

Minimum20 mm

Maximum150 mm

Bottle Height

Minimum30 mm

Maximum350 mm

30 mm

Power Supply220 VAC, 1 Phase, 60Hz

*Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.

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