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Bottle Depalletisers

Compact depalletiser for small users

Automatic Depalletiser

Automatically unload and align all kinds of palletised glass, metal and plastic containers Automatic depalletiser for bottles: Automatic sweep-off depalletiser, suitable to remove from pallets from a wide variety of containers such as plastic and glass bottles, jars, cans, pots, flasks, etc. Its operation is practical and reliable. The containers are swept off the pallet layer by a clamp and carriage system and are unloaded onto a conveyor table which feeds the containers inline to the rest of the filling line. Wide flexibility and great reliability are the main features of this machine. Format changeover operations are quick and maintenance is very minimal. All the movements occur thanks to ball bearing with seals or self-lubricating bushes. Semi-automatic depalletiser: Suitable to satisfy small and medium output requirements (1.000 – 6.000 BPH). Suitable to automatically remove bottles, cans, jars, tins from pallets.

Automatic operation, practicality and reliability are the main features of this machine. Format changeovers are very quick and it needs very little maintenance. The overall dimensions of the machine are very compact.

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