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CAPLINE CN – Automatic linear capping machine

The linear capping machine CAPLINE CN (canisters) for closing of canisters with the screw-on or press-on caps

Function of the machine:

The cap is oriented in the cap positioning machine and delivered to the chute. The conveyor type chute transfers the caps to the capping head. The capping head takes the cap and screw it or presses it on the neck of the canister. The canisters are stopped bellow the capping head by means of the conveyor belt stopping.

The basic model of the machine includes:

· robust frame covered by AISI 304 stainless steel on adjustable anti-vibration legs

· stainless steel conveyor with adjustable stainless steel guides

· capping unit with height adjustable capping head driven by step motor

· control panel

Technical data:

Power supply: 400 V, 50 Hz

Power input: 3 kW

Dimensions: length 5 880 mm, width 1 240 mm, height 2 050 mm

Weight: 600 Kg

Compressed air 6 Atm, 200 Nl/min.

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