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Reliable and Stable WATER SATURATION

High technological guarantee ± 0.2 g/l,O2<1ppm

User-friendly, thanks to the automatic digital control

Maintenance-free, since the system has only 1 pump (centrifugal)

No overpressure pump for delivering the finished product to the filling machine

RELIABLE AND STABLE SATURATION – Designed for extremely demanding clients, the CARBOJET guarantees reliability, user friendliness and product stability, even in critical production conditions. A carefully researched de-aeration system enables residual oxygen levels in the product to be kept under 1ppm. Independent of temperature and pressure values, carbonation is kept constant and stable, thus reducing waste of CO2.

1) Perfect gassing and perlage

CO2 saturation is obtained through a coil specially designed to guarantee correct contact times and a very large storage tank, so that the product has sufficient time to rest before being conveyed to the filling machine.

2) Just 1 centrifugal pump

The entire CARBOJET system has only one pump, a centrifugal one, which conveys the product at a regular flow rate from the de-aeration zone to the gassing zone. The pressure reaches the levels required to guarantee perfect carbonation.

3) Digital control

The CARBOJET is the embodiment of the future in the carbonation sector.Simple and linear in its mechanical construction, sophisticated and technologically advanced in its electronic control system, it is easy to use and permits immediate detection of any potential problems.

4) Absolute stability

Thanks to the constant micrometric measuring of flow rates, flow and pressure levels, all the functions performed by the CARBOJET can be continuously monitored, thus guaranteeing absolute stability of carbonation levels.

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