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LinePack s.r.l. proposes a new conception of checkweighers combining high performance with simple use. The proposed model is particularly suitable in food or pharmaceutical fields for automatic weight control, the extreme simplicity of dialog operator-machine permits to learn the functions instantaneously.The ingenious construction guarantees maximum flexibility for the integration in your production line.The construction shape with the overhanging of the weighing and conveying system, facilitates the replacement of the belts thanks to a rapid release consenting easy access for sanitization and cleaning, thus guaranteeing perfect hygiene.

The conveyors are driven by brushless engines with variable speed directly selectable from the operator panel. A large range of optional characteristics are also available, in order to increase the functions of each model. An example: reject bins, pneumatic devices for the rejection and classification of any kind of package.

Linepack’s electronic units are different to the standard for their simple use and advanced technical characteristics, an example: touchscreen operator panel, wireless connection with one PC station, possibility of downloading all the data of multiple product lots into USB pen-drive placed on the checkweigher panel, integral or remote application of printer to checkweigher panel, dedicated software for format change directly from the PC working place.

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