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CONQUEST FCL – Filling Capping Labeling

The Conquest FCL is an automatic monoblock system designed as a filler capper and labeler equipped with state-of-the-art sampling station and automatic fill adjustment system.

The system will automatically feed unstable or stable vials coming from a tray to a continuous motion transporting feed screw. Vials will enter from the feed screw onto the transporting star wheel of the filling station. The filling nozzle bar is mechanically synchronized with the transporting star wheel and bottom up fill is electronically control with easy programmable servo-driven system.

Vials are then transferred onto the rotary capping machine where torquing will be controlled with the calibrated magnetic clutch while a vision system verifies that proper torquing has been applied. Exiting the rotary capper vials will be transported to either the sampling station or reject station according to the program.

Accepted vials are then transported directly to the pressure sensitive labeling system where a vial will be placed onto a special star wheel pocket with roller bearing guide. As the label is being applied, vision inspection system is used to check correct prints, presence and placement of lable on vials.

The HEPA-filtered laminar flow can provide a micro-environment suitable for parenteral products. The system can be configured to accomodate a wide array of applications.

Applications: Filling | Capping | Labeling

Speed Up to 250 BPM*


Filling Capacity

Minimum2 ml

Maximum500 ml

Size (H x W x L) 2100 x 4000 x 1100 mm

Power Supply220 VAC, 15 Amp , 3 Phase, 60Hz

Air Supply20 CFM at 90 to 100 psi

*Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.

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