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CP-TLG Top Load Case Erector and Packer

CP-TLG Top Load Case Erector and Packer

The CP-TLG provides high-end efficiency for your production line. The CP-TLG incorporates

three separate processes into one machine. The CP-TLG will erect and bottom seal the case,

top load the case with product, and top seal the case all in one machine. Normally, two or three

separate machines are required to complete what the CP-TLG performs. In addition, the CPTLG

incorporates a Flat Stack Magazine TM and Cartesian Robot case erecting technology. This

unique combination eliminates tabs and pins and provides an ergonomic case magazine.

Therefore, no adjustment of the tabs and pins is required and operators can easily load the case

blanks. All of these features combine to maximize the CP-TLG overall operating efficiency.


Heavy duty rugged construction designed for durability, reliability, and 24/7 operation On-screen programming allows for the addition or modification of loading patterns and product sizes. PLC controls complete with panel view touch screen Furnished to comply with Nema 12 ratings Speeds of up to 25 cases per minute Stainless steel panel construction and

U.H.M.W. chain rails full guarding with safety interlocks

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