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CTS312 Carton Sealer

CTS312 Carton Sealer


1. This machine is single structure can be combined withthe other “___”type carton sealer for attaching the tape on the middle of carton’s top and four sides at the corner.

2. Designed by traditional method to feed the cartons by drive belt and then to seal it by adhesive tape.

3. It takes 1-2minutes to make adjustment or applicable carton sizes manually

4. The flow of united machines is to turn the cartons in 90degree and feed in after top of carton sealed, then attaching adhesive tape on four sides of carton’s corner.


CTS312 Single standard model (mm)

Applicable carton sizes

L:320-550, W:250-500 H:180-500

Height of working table

500mm Max 750mm

Attaching speed


Machine dimension

L:1300 W:1000 H:1400

Atmosphere source


power supply

Single-Phase, 220v/380v, 50/60HZ

suitable adhensive tape

W:48mm W60-75mm L:1000yards


Net:350kg Gross Weight:480kg

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