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Doypack Pouch Filling

Doypack Pouch Filling

Doypack ICFS corner

Doypack ICFS Filler Alfa

Doypack ICFS Filler Hffs Etna Small

Doypack ICFS corner

Doypack ICFS filler NGB Pre-made Pouches

Doypack ICFS HFFS all 126s

Doser Filling Vacuum Sealer for pre made

Horizontal Form Fill Seal machine for liquids

Horizontal Form Fill Machine for Doypacks

NGB is an automatic filling machine, easy to use and to maintain, it is made up of an 8 station carousel, each with 2 pincers that guarantee the grip of the pouch for the whole process. It’s the ideal solution for filling up premade pouches of medium dimensions. L26S is an HFFS (Horizontal Form Fill & Seal) mechanical machine, that produces high quality flat or stand-up pouches starting from a film roll. The main features are bound to the accessibility, flexibility and modularity of the structure that is easy to insert into a complete line and allows the customer to adapt to his own and different manufacturing need.

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