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THOMASON Automatic monoblock filling and capping machine with one or two filling heads and one capping head for screw and push-on plastic caps or for metal pilfer-proof and metal twist caps, model ELIADA/1-1S. The filling system can be offered with volumetric or flow meters or pump system, according to the filling product. Also this machine can be offered with aluminum foil cutting (from a roll) and sealing unit before the capping for products which need 100% sealing on the neck. This machine is suitable for many kinds of products including dairy, with low-medium and high viscosity and also containing small pieces to be filled in plastic PET-glass bottles or jars. Fully automatic operation with computerized control (B&R PLC) and colored touch screen 10.4’ (as optional) for user friendly operation to adjust the machine functions and parameters. Fault diagnostic and modem connection for technical assistance direct from our technical department. Stainless steel construction for the outer machine frame and product contact parts. C.I.P. cleaning supply is available as optional.

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