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ESTEN CLOSE PACK 350 800 1000 1350 1600 2000

Automatic machines allowing complete cold closure of packages (without shrink tunnel), using 2 reels of polyethylene or bubble film + flexible. It is meant for packing pieces of furniture both assembled or disassembled, and, more generally, products in a variety of sizes, requiring total package.

• Products are fed by means of a motor-driven belt conveyor

• Product passage inspection photocell

• Upper & lower reel holding unit with motor-driven unwind system including a set of idle pulleys and jockey rollers for automatic control of film unwinding.

• Sealer unit, with “industrial” type hot bar, piloted sideways by steel cylinders and moved pneumatically

• Sealing temperature controlled by thermoregulator and sealing time controlled by proper timer in control board.

• Upper counter-rollers at wheel way-in and way-out.

• Expanding wheel bearing the film reel, moved by friction rollers, drive motor controlled by inverter

• Film pick & cut device by pneumatically moved nipper

• Film cut by means of special cold blade.

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