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Fillers Tabletop dispensing – PF6

Fillers Tabletop dispensingPF6

Flexicon tabletop fillers are designed for use in cleanrooms for production processes complying with cGMP. Setting up a filling regime for vials, bottles, test tubes or other containers is achieved by loading the peristaltic pump tube and entering the parameters required using the intuitive keypad. The pump maintains a closed fluid path from the bulk product container to the end of the filling nozzle. Change the path and the pump is clean, sterile and ready for the next batch. You can control the filler with a foot switch or integrate it into an automatic bottle handling system.

• No cross-contamination

• Accuracy: ±0.5%

• Drip-free

• One-minute set-up and changeover

• Fill volumes from 0,5 to 250 ml for PF6

• RS232 port for printer connection and real-time documentation

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