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Filling machines for big sizes – Big jet water

Filling Machine for Still products in LARGE CONTAINERS

High filling performance

Separate air return during filling

User-friendly and low-maintenance

The BIG JET WATER system, especially designed for high speed filling of large containers, is the fruit of Melegari Manghi ’s experience in the water treatment technology sector. Thanks to the low number of mobile parts and total absence of dynamic seals, wear and tear problems have been eliminated as has the need for maintenance, and an extremely efficacious sanitation cycle has been made possible.

1) State of the art performance

Especially designed and constructed for the water market, it guarantees spectacular performance as regards filling speed, level quality and reduced contamination risk. Also available in the enclosed chamber version for controlled environment filling.

2) Filling

Gravity filling process at atmospheric pressure without product loss.During the filling phase, the air contained in the bottle is expelled into the surrounding environment without coming into contact with the product, thus avoiding the danger of contamination.

3) Automatic pitch variation

Compact and linear, thanks to the new (patented) pitch variation system without additional worm screws, the BIG JET can handle containers in extremely small spaces.

4) Sanitation

The tank, filling valves and other product contact parts are mirror-polished and slightly tilted in order to safeguard against dirt and residue and to facilitate washing and draining.These parts can be washed and sanitized using hot or cold liquid solutions.

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