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Filling machines for big sizes – Line jet

Linear Electronic Volumetric Filling Machine for still water in one way PET or PC returnable containers from 5 liters up to 5 gallons

Rotary rinsing deeply penetrating nozzles

Volumetric filling controlled by magnetic flow meters

Capper suitable for press on or screw caps

Change-over directly from the keyboard

LINE JET is a new electronic linear system completely automatic, to rinse, fill and cap one way PET or PC jars from 3 to 6 gallons. On request it is also available the same machine for smaller bottles, up to 5 litres, with plastic screw cap.The machine is composed of the typical three modules: rinser, filler, capper having an in-line lay out. The system is very simple and cheap taking into consideration its performances.The system is available in different models for different production capacity from 450 bph up to 1.000 bph. The machine can be coupled with a washing machine for returnable bottles.

1) Patented rinser grippers

Rotary rinsing nozzles for the bottle interior which combine the rinse and the water mechanical action.Deeply penetrating nozzles granting an internal rinsing, with high pressure water, of the whole jar.

2) Electronic volumetric filling valves

Volumetric filling valves controlled by magnetic electronic flow meters.Progressive closing membrane valves controlled by a PLC granting fast, precise and repeatable filling levels in all kind of containers.The filling is carried on without any contact between the bottle mouth and the valve granting the maximum cleaning.

3) Sanification

The machine sanitation is carried out installing dummy bottles which convey the sanitizing liquid in a manifold and then to the CIP system.

4) Plastic press-on cap

Capper suitable for press on plastic caps. It is also available the capper for plastic screw caps.

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