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Filljet wine

Filling Machine for still wine

High filling performance

Filling with slight depression

Extremely precise product levels in bottle ( ± 1mm of rated value )

User-friendly and low-maintenance

The FILL JET WINE Systems for wine filling application is the fruit of many years if technological experience; reliability, extremely simple size change-over, quick and easy maintenance, totally automatic sanitation system and operator panel permitting complete control of the production process are only some of the distinguishing features of this machine.

1) Filling with slight depression

With this type of machine it is possible to create a slight depression in the tank in order to obtain extremely precise product filling levels (± 1mm).Additionally, the level in the bottle can be varied without the filling tube having to be changed.

2) Filling valves

The high flow capacity filling valves are reliable, easy to disassemble and of extremely simple design.Due to the low number of mobile parts and total absence of dynamic seals, wear problems and maintenance operations have been reduced to a minimum and an extremely efficacious sanitation cycle has been made possible.

3) Flushing of tank with inert gas

To safeguard against the oxidation of the wine contained in the tank, flushing with inert gas (e.g. nitrogen) can be carried out.With this particular application, the product level control is not available.

4) Sanitation

The tank, filling valves and other product contact parts are mirror-polished and slightly tilted in order to safeguard against dirty and residue and to facilitate washing and draining. These parts can be washed and sanitized using hot or cold liquid solutions.

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