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Flexible, production-scale filling – MC12

Flexible, production-scale filling MC12

Once there is a need for larger scale production, we can provide fully automatic filling

solutions for new or existing systems. Watson-Marlow Flexicon’s OEM solutions

consist of fillers, master controllers, trolleys, gating and electronic bottom-up systems.

OEM applications include:

• High capacity filling lines for the biopharm industry

• Filling lines for bottles with an awkward shape for the diagnostics industry

• Existing filling lines where piston pumps should be replaced

A vast number of OEM customers and machine manufacturers have already successfully incorporated our solutions into their filling lines, adding value to their product.

• Faster changeover between batches

• Less product waste during changeover between different liquids to be filled

• Easy cleaning, validation and programming

• No need for format parts for different fill volumes or products to be filled

• Minimum need for maintenance

• Functions to prevent after dripping and splashing

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