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Flow-Pilot 80

Standard equipment

Flow-Pilot® 80 – Automated dual-level buffer tank Fully-inclusive equipment, with the following components :

– cylindrical, sterilisable, 304 stainless steel 80-litre tank, equipped with two stainless steel diameter 40 butterfly valves, the upper one for drawing sediment-free liquids for filling purposes and the lower one for full drainage, with cambered base, cover + handle + input point for injection of inert gas, 304 stainless steel chassis equipped.

– Stainless steel level sensor = 2 measuring positions connected to the pneumatic valve

– Pneumatic entry valve controlled by upper and lower level sensors in the tank

– Electro-pneumatic control box for the following functions :

• On – off (pump or heat source control)

• Production or cleaning


Level control by frequency regulator with front-mounted potentiometer.

Pump output power : 1.5, 2.2 or 4 KW.

Complete package of technical flow control solutions so as to ensure :optimum work rates, optimum quality of liquids packaged.

Automatic and semi-automatic systems for continuous control of liquids throughout the packaging process, with, depending on the case, a filtration palette or a pasteuriser and the filling machine.

Equipment compliant with Machine Directive n° 97/23/CE

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