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It is often said that life is a series of tradeoffs, but who said anything about your bagger? With our HBV 20U you get all the benefits you need-speed, flexibility and affordability – in one robust machine. And this form, fill and seal powerhouse has an open modular design while accommodating multiple bag designs and dimensions. Did we mention speed? At 120 bags per minute, this speed demon will zip through all your production runs. Why settle for a bagger with tradeoffs when the HBV 20U packs all the benefits you want in one powerful machine!


SpeedMinimum: 5 BPMMaximum: 100 BPM *

Width100 mm 400 mm

Length 100 mm 600 mm

Block bottom 70 x 30 mm 260 x 140 mm

Bag styles: Pillow, block bottom, gusset, Quad seal (4-Corners sealed), with euroslot, with carry-out handle, brick bag, reclosable with Zipper, …

*Note: Actual speeds are dependent on the product characteristics and quality, film quality, operator, product in-feed and ambient conditions. Actual speeds will be confirmed upon trials with original film and product.

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