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HD Cartoner – Heavy Duty Cartoner

HD Cartoner – Heavy Duty Cartoner

The HD Cartoner brings significant productivitygains to your manufacturing line. The HD

Cartoner’s fall through design means product spills will fall directly on the floor which allows for easier cleaning and wipe down. The servo drives on the cartoner offer reduction in mechanical components thus minimizing overall footprint and providing smooth operation. The servo drives also provide accurate feedback and fault diagnostics as well as assisting with changeover for different carton sizes. High speeds are also achievable through the machines robust frame and rotary feeder. Numerous options can be added to the

HD Cartoner including leaflet inserts, date coding, extended magazine and open flap detection.

Discharge belts are also included to reduce carton marking.


Perimeter guarding allows for greater ease of access when maintaining the cartoner. Open flap detection will reject any package that remains unsealed at the end of the filling process. Push Button Changeover option through the use of servo drives significantly reduces changeover time

High levels of precision assured with Allen Bradley Controls Full guarding with safety interlocks and stainless steel construction are standard

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