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Horizontal Labelling Machine


Horizontal Sticker labeling machine is widely used for such industries as food, medicine, fine chemical, cultural supplies, and electronics and so on. It is applicable for the labeling of the objects with small diameters and unable to stand up easily, such as oral liquid bottles, ampoule bottles, needle tube bottles, batters, hams sausages, test tubes, pens and so on.


It is used for pharmaceutical, cosmetics, stationery industries such as labeling on vials, ampules, pen holder, glue stick, lipstick & lip care balm etc.

Labeling speed up to 350pcs/min.

Horizontal conveying of bottles is handled by roller conveyor. No worry about the small round bottles standing upright stability. Alignment of bottle is based on the bottle body that enhances label alignment precision.

Various inspection functions available as options for missed label, missed code or wrong code etc. by machine vision devices or photo-electric devices. Failed bottles upon inspection will be rejected accurately right after labeling.

New generation bottle-to-tray inserting device to put the bottles into carton inner trays after the labeling process at a matching speed.(Optional)

Optional hot-stamping coder, thermal transfer over-printer, or inkjet coder can be integrated into the system seamlessly. Device status and alarm signals are reflected in the system.

Main Technical Parameters

Driven: Step motor

Direction: Right to left/ Left to right

Label core: Standard 75mm

Label roll: Max 300mm

Bottle size Diameter: 10-60mm Height 30-300mm

Label size: Length 10-200mm Height 10-1000mm

Labeling speed: 150-350 bottles/min

Precision: ±1mm

Hot ribbon coding: HP 260Q

Power: 220/380V 50/60Hz 350W

Weight: 200kg

Machine size: 1500*850*1400mm(L*W*H)

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