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INTREPID BFPC – Ball Dropping Filling Stoppering Crimping

The Intrepid BFPC is an automatic monblock system designed to handle packaging of nail polish. The system is configured to place one or two stainless steel balls in the container prior to filling. The filling station has been upgraded to handle thick and viscous products such as nail polish. The brush placement system is specially designed to pickup a wide range of brushes. The capping station can be equipped with magnetic slip clutches to ensure repeatable accurate torque. The system can be configured to either support is configured to comodate a wide array of applications including nasal spray and eye droppers.

Applications: Filling | Plugging | Capping

Speed Up to 120 BPM*


Filling Capacity

Minimum0.5 ml (0.02 oz)

Maximum500 ml (16.9 oz)

Size (H x W x L) 2100 x 1300 x 1400 mm (83 x 51 x 55 in)

Power Supply220 VAC, 15 Amp , 3 Phase, 60Hz

Air Supply30 CFM at 90 to 100 psi

*Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.

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