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Iso jet beer

State of the art technology guarantees a long life to beer

Absolute precision of filling levels

High flow filling

Low O2 absorption during filling

Reduced consumption of CO2

Special applications for PET bottles

Tradition & Technology …ISOJET BEER MEANS QUALITY – High quality performance in the beer bottling industry today can only be achieved through experience gained and consolidated through close cooperation with the client. In-depth knowledge of the entire beer manufacturing process and its methods of analysis leads to high level performance. If, to all this knowledge, we then add the use of sophisticated machinery, the result that a client can expect on purchasing the ISOJET BEER is QUALITY indeed.

1) High flow filling

Only the recent application of sophisticated equipment and software for the analysis of fluid dynamics, together with in-depth knowledge of the product to be bottled, have led to the resolving of serious foaming problems and to the design and construction of the ISOJET BEER with a high flow filling valve.Thanks to the lack of mobile parts and seals maintenance has been reduced to a minimum.

2) Low absorption of O2

Thanks to the pre-evacuation and flushing system, and to the use of sophisticated research and measuring equipment, Oxygen absorption during filling with the ISOJET BEER has been reduced to a minimum, so that the organoleptic characteristics of the product are kept intact, thereby prolonging its shelf-life.

3) A state-of-the-art technology guarantee

The ISOJET BEER guarantees ultra-high performance in terms of: quality, filling levels, beer loss during filling, crowning level, consumption of CO2 etc.

4) PET application

Thanks to the total neck gripping system (Melegari Manghi ‘s patent) it is possible to design and construct the ISOJET BEER also for PET bottles.High-quality performance levels are guaranteed and thanks to the low residual O2 content after filling, the product has an excellent shelf-life.

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