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Iso jet Electro – Pneumatic

Isobaric Filling Machine with electro-pneumatic filling system

High filling performance

Separate air return during filling

Precise filling levels

No size changeover for PET bottles

User-friendly and low maintenance

Adjustable product level spout

Product deflection inside the bottle thanks to an helical deflector

The machine is studied to fill both carbonated and still products in PET bottles.The electro-pneumatic filling turret has the tank complete with level probe located in the centre in order to increase the product level accuracy.The filling phases are driven by PLC, which, via PROFIBUS, controls every single filling valve. In this way you can realise and store the best condition based on bottle size and kind of product to be filled. These operations can be carried out directly by the TOUCH SCREEN of the machine.

1) Filling valve

You can have an isobaric filling (for CO2-added beverages) or a gravity one with atmospheric pressure (for still beverages).For both cases, the air in the bottle is evacuated outside the product bowl.The spouts are adjustable in length, so it is no more necessary changing them when changing the fill point.The spouts adjustment can be manual, manual and centralized or automatic.The new helical deflector allows homogenous and constant filling. The liquid is spread towards the inner bottle wall to avoid foaming.Thanks to this new deflector it is no more necessary any change over when changing bottle.

2) Dummy bottle

The manual dummy bottle is placed on the hanger of the lifting jack and then manually inserted and released.On request, it is possible to have automatic dummy bottle. This one is fixed on the machine and it is automatically triggered and defused by proper devices.There are no dynamic gaskets both for the manual dummy bottle and the automatic one.

3) Bottle lifting jack

The lifting jacks are of a pneumatic type with closed circuit, thus without any compressed air consumption.In this new pneumatic jack there is only one dynamic gasket; all the sliding movements take place on cylindrical rods.This jack arrangement allows an easy maintenance. 

4) Product bowl

The bowl is of a central type.All contact parts with the product are manufactured in s.s. AISI 304 (on demand they can be made in stainless steel 316)and the weldings are effected avoiding any gap or porosity;successively they are mirror polished (0,004 ÷ 0,0025 micron), removing juts and sharp corners.

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