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Iso jet wine

Filling Machine for sparkling and still wines

Applications also for high quality still wines

High flow filling performance

Precise filling levels

Low absorption of O2 during filling

Reduced consumption of CO2/Nitrogen

Tradition & Technology …STATE-OF-THE-ART TECHNOLOGY KEEPS ORGANOLEPTIC CHARACTERISTICS INTAC – The latest generation of the ISOJET wine was specifically designed for sparkling wine and spumante filling applications, but is able to guarantee high technological performance for still wines as well. The consolidated experience of the engineering team in the wine sector, together with the use of sophisticated equipment, has resulted in the design and construction of a product capable of satisfying the most demanding of clients. High filling speeds and low contamination risks are the strong points of the new isobaric filling valve for wine.

1) Innovative logic

In ISOJET WINE the decompression is collectorized in a single point. – The breaking of a bottle automatically triggers the closing of the filling valve, thereby reducing the    typical    loss of product and CO2 to a minimum.

2) High flow filling

Only the recent application of sophisticated equipment and software for the analysis of fluid dynamics, together with in-depth knowledge of the product to be bottled, have led to the resolving of serious foaming problems and to the design and construction of the ISOJET WINE with a high flow filling that valve guarantees high performance also for still wines.

3) High technological guarantee

Thanks to the pre-evacuation and flushing system, and to the use of sophisticated research and measuring equipment , Oxygen absorption during filling with the ISOJET WINE has been reduced to a minimum, so that the organoleptic characteristics of the product are kept intact, even in the case of high-quality wines.

4) Reliable filling levels

The ISOJET WINE guarantees extremely high performance as regards product filling levels thanks to the use of a product level control system which, activated by a sliding block, forces pressure into the bottle, thereby expelling any excess product.

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