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KWT-210TTop Labeling Machine (Table Top)

KWT-210TTop Labeling Machine (Table Top)


This machine is designed for low capacity production , suitable for flat / rectangular shape of container , feeding products by manually.


Compact construction to save the operating space.

700 mm length x 150 mm width PVC belt conveyor.

Variable speed AC motor with inverter which is adjustable up to 15 meter / minute.

Object photocell sensor with micro tuner (SICK brand).

Japan rotary encoder to ensure the labeling quality and accuracy.

Labeling head is driven by a variable speed step motor (three phase) with driver which is adjustable up to 15 meter/ minute.


1. Hot Foil Printer with air pressure regulator for code-dating on the label.

2. Transparent Sensor for clear transparent labels.

Specifications:Model No.KWT-210T

Label WidthA type:10-100mm

Label Length15~150mm

Material of Label????(Pressure Sensitive Label in Roll Form)

Product SizeW. 30-100mm, H. 20-100mm

Diameter of Label Roll (mm)ID.: 76mm, OD. 200mm

Labelling Speed15 Meter

Product Consumption0.5KW

Conveyor Speed15 meter/min.

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