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KWT-620Front Back Labeler

KWT-620Front / Back Labeler


This machine is designed for twin side labeling on flat / oval shape bottles and containers. It can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.


Machine construction is made by SUS# 304 and aluminum alloy

Mitsubishi PLC Control System with digital touch screen

3-phase stepping motor and driver.

Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.

50 job set-up can be stored in memory for easy recall.

Simple adjustments with coupled movement design of two labeling heads with easy access.

Powered wipe-down rollers.


1. Hot Foil Printer for date-coding.

2. Push & Press attachment for tapered products.

3. Angle adjustment of labeling head.

4. Oval shape bottle alignment

5. Product separating screw for high speed labeling.

6. LRD-6110 Lion Sensor for transparent labels (USA made).

Specifications:Model No.KWT-620

Label WidthA type:10-120mm, C type:10-180mm

D type:10-220mm, E type:10-250mm

Label Length15-250mm

Material of Label????(Pressure Sensitive Label in Roll Form)

Product SizeW. 40-100mm, H. 50-350mm

Diameter of Label Roll (mm)ID.: 76mm, OD. 360mm

Labelling Speed12-25 Meter

Product Consumption1.6 KW

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