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KWT-620S-CE Font Back Labeler (with Servo Motor)

KWT-620S-CE Font / Back Labeler (with Servo Motor)


This machine is designed for twin side labeling on flat / oval shape bottles and containers. It can be incorporated with a line or operated individually.


Machine meets CE standards.

Machine construction is made by SUS# 304 and aluminum alloy

Mitsubishi PLC combine with Proface 10″ colorful human / machine interface touch screen controller.

Labeling head is driven by servo motor with driver (Yaskawa brand).

Labeling speed is automatically synchronized with conveyor speed to ensure quality labeling.

50 job set-up can be stored in memory for easy recall.

Simple adjustments with coupled movement design of two labeling heads with easy access.

Powered wipe-down rollers.


1. Hot Foil Printer for date-coding.

2. Push & Press attachment for tapered products.

3. Angle adjustment of labeling head.

4. Product separating screw for high speed labeling.

5. LRD-6110 Lion Sensor for transparent labels (USA made).

Specifications:Model No.KWT-620S-CE

Label WidthA type:10-120mm, C type:10-180mm

D type:10-220mm, E type:10-250mm

Label Length15-250mm

Material of Label????(Pressure Sensitive Label in Roll Form)

Product SizeW. 40-100mm, H. 50-350mm

Diameter of Label Roll (mm)ID.: 76mm, OD. 360mm

Labelling Speed12-50 Meter

Product Consumption1.8KW

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