The LABELSTAR® System 1, System 2/1, and System 2/1T with one labeling head is designed to apply a partial or full wrap-around label on to round bottles. This is done using a motorized wrap-around system, which electronically synchronizes the speed of the labeling head with the speed of the container.

These series of labelers can also be used to apply a face label with accuracies of 0.5mm (0.2”) on oval, rectangular, square or any flat surface. Using one of the longest top hold-down belt conveyors available on the market today, this system is mechanically synchronized to the transporting conveyor. This ensures extremely accurate and reliable movement of the package, throughout the labeling process.

These systems can be equipped with a choice of labeling heads with different size wrap-around systems in conjunction with various indexing systems to suit your speed and application requirements. This includes feed screw, indexing wheel or double belt bottle separator.

Applications: Vials | Round Bottles | Oval Bottles | Square Bottles | Rectangular Bottles

Speed Up to 250 BPM*


Power Supply220 VAC, 15 Amp , 3 Phase, 60Hz

Air Supply15 CFM at 90 to 100 psi

*Speed and performance criteria are subject to testing with actual samples.

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