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The ATMOPACK wrapping machine in combination with PEBAR exclusive barrier stretch
film, offers an efficient solution for protective atmosphere packaging. Characterized
by an easy design and small footprint, it is suitable for any productive situation.
It requires a minimum capital investment that can be absorbed in less than a year,
in standard operating conditions. Low packaging costs and the opportunity to offer
the retail too a MAP product that maintains all the attractiveness of stretch
wrapped fresh foods, have exited great interest since its presentation during
June 2004.

Main features and strength points

Commercial Classification: Automatic wrapping machine for MAP Speed: Up to 35 packs/min Tray sizes (LxWxH):
Min 180x100x25 mm Max 340x260x60 mm Film features: Barrier stretch film–thickness
45 µ Film reel: 390÷730 mm Power supply: 400 V three-phase + PE Installed power:
10 kW (standard machine) Compressed air consumption: 600 l/min (5 bar) Operating
temperature: +5°C ÷ +35°C Machine weight: 815 Kg (standard machine)

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