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Looking for small flexible stickpack machine? Our compact multi-lane HBV-4A StickPack machines can accommodate from 1 to 10 lanes to form StickPack pouches. Designed to pack powders, dense, fine, loose and particulate materials into StickPack bags, this machine is well established for packaging of sugar and single serve doses of salt and pepper and other granulated products. Equipped with volumetric, liquid or auger filler, the machine will accept all your packaging needs.

Make the HBV-4A your next investment and Stick with the Best.



Minimum: 5 BPM

Maximum: 75 cycles/min * Minimum Maximum

Width12 mm25 mm

Length50 mm160 mm

Film width400 mm

Bag styles: Stick pack

*Note: Actual speeds are dependent on the product characteristics and quality, film quality, operator, product in-feed and ambient conditions. Actual speeds will be confirmed upon trials with original film and product.

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