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What’s better than a highly reliable bagger with a repeatable delivery? One that’s also incredibly fast. Meet the HBV 3U, a impressive stainless steel form, fill and seal machine that provides the open modular design and affordability you’ve come to expect from our HBV Series. Want efficiency? With speeds up to 150 bags per minute, faster, repeatable and accurate production runs will be the norm. Want consistency? The HBV3U prevents bottlenecking; assuring all jobs will be steady. Want flexibility? The HBV 3U accommodates several bag styles, including quad-seal. Want peace of mind? Make the HBV 3U your next investment



Minimum: 5 BPM

Maximum: 130 BPM *Minimum Maximum

Width60 mm260 mm

Length60 mm400 mm

Block bottom40 x 25 mm165 x 95 mm

Bag styles: Pillow, block bottom, gusset, Quad seal (4-Corners sealed), with euro slot, with carry-out handle, brick bag, reclosable with Zipper, …

*Note: Actual speeds are dependent on the product characteristics and quality, film quality, operator, product in-feed and ambient conditions. Actual speeds will be confirmed upon trials with original film and product.

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