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One glance at the current MERLIN cartoners will assure you of its refinement. But don’t be swayed by its sleek lines alone. Wait to watch it perform before you make up your mind. As efficient as it is imposing, the Merlin is named after a majestic strain of the falcon family which inspires both its styling and its soul.

The flagship model MERLIN 300XC is a cartoner born for the “faster time-to-market” age. This baby is poised – with a top speed of 300 cartons per minute – to become an indispensable link in the customer’s manufacturing process.

Rotary carton pick-up

At the heart of these machines is the rotary carton pick-up system which grabs the carton from the magazine, pre-breaks it by counter suction, and then loads it smoothly into the carton chain. The carriers in the chain then hold the carton squarely till product-loading and carton-closing is completed. There are 4 models in the Merlin series, each fitted with one to three rotary arms, depending on the model speed.

Blister in-feed system

A Cartoner is not a standalone machine, which is how some manufacturers offer them. An automated and synchronized link-up with the upstream machine is Vectacraft’s strength.

Transfer systems consisting mainly of pick & place arrangement aided by servo drives and pneumatics are used.


An extra-long powered conveyor to stack cartons which brings it to the magazine

Easily accessible drives that are isolated from the product path

Position indicators that enable quick tool-less changeover and can be replicated by even semi-skilled personnel

Leaflet folding & feeding

Rotary pre-folded leaflet pick-up

Leaflet pre-insertion (for delicate products)

Printing device for flap embossing / debossing

Tuck-in / Hot-melt carton closures

Ink jet / laser jet coding unit

Centralised lubrication system

Bar-code security system

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