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MK-1000 Horizontal End Load Cartoner

MK-1000 Horizontal End Load Cartoner

The MK-1000 Cartoner brings the labour saving, speed, and convenience of automatic packaging to every business, large or small. From the magazine to closing and sealing, the MK-1000 Cartoner produces square cartons. Completely self contained and portable. TheMK-1000 Cartoner is mounted on casters and is easily movable. With air and electricity you’re cartoner will be providing instant cost savings.

Product Features

Simplicity of design allows for changeover in less than 15 minutes "No tools" fine tuning with quick release ratchet handles on key adjustment points Paperboard cartons – regular, full or economy flaps; fine flute corrugated; glue seal or tuck cartons – the MK-1000 Cartoner handles these cartons with ease Modular design allows for simplicity of operation, ease of maintenance and fast delivery Rust proof rigid construction and U.H.M.W. chain rails provide long life and quiet, efficient operation

Product Options

PLC controls and arrangements

Intermittent or Continuous motion

Emergency stop cord and remote jog switch

Ability to handle special cartons

Automatic or manual loading

Lateral hand wheel adjustment

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