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MK-2000 Horizontal Manual Load Cartoner

MK-2000 Horizontal Manual Load Cartoner

The MK-2000 is an economical cartoner that can quickly bring value to your production line. The

MK-2000 features a double operator station to allow for high manual load packaging speeds.

Paperboard cartons; regular, full, or economy flaps; fine flute corrugated; glue, seal or tuck cartons – the MK-2000 cartoner handles these cartons with ease. Nordson ProBlue adhesive unit provides accurate glue application on carton flaps. Tuck option is available for tuck style cartons. Allen Bradley controls provide smooth operator control and accurate fault diagnostic capabilities. The MK-2000 also includes a “No Product/No Carton/No Load” feature to reduce waste and improve efficiency. Stainless steel construction and full safety guarding are standard.


Molded plastic or stainless steel buckets Modular design allows for simple operation and maintenance Option of including an extended magazine that can hold a large volume of cartons

Mounting locations for optional equipment Ability to handle special cartons “No tools” fine tuning with quick release ratchet handles on key adjustment points allows for quick changeover Rust proof rigid construction and U.H.M.W. chain rails provide long life and quiet operation

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