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Model ACCLM Automatic Can Cage Loading Machine

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The ACCLM is used to automatically load tinplate beverage cans, second sterilized PET bottles and various kinds of cans before sterilization. It can also be designed to suit various square cage dimensions. The filled cans are collected by the web conveyor then they are detached and displayed by the can’s detaching device. Cans are loaded into the sterilization cage layer by layer starting from the bottom up then they are carried into the retort to be sterilized by an electro motion trolley and cage track. During the whole loading process, the division mat is released, raised, dropped automatically and then loading action stops when the cage is full. This machine is far more efficient then using manual labor, saving you time and money

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity: 300-1000 cans/min

Control Mode: PLC automatic control

Applicable range: various kinds of cans

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