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Model BML Blow Moulding Line (Stretching)


This machine is specifically designed to meet the demand of high speed output for local markets by importing advanced technologies from overseas. This machine can be used for normal PET and Hot Resistant PET bottle blowing. It is well-structured, small, economical and reliable. It meets the related National Food Hygiene Standard and now is the most advanced machine in China. SY-40 is the best option for soft drink manufactures.


The machine operation panel is a touch-access screen with Chinese display. The screen can display the production speed, output count, breakdown type etc.

Specially designed “twice blowing system” ensures stability and quality.

The heater uses seven zone heating systems and digital automatic temperature control systems.

Fully adjustable heating control.

All software for blowing different shapes and sizes is included in the machine.

The automatic “preform” sorting and feeding system is available

Main Technical Parameters

Output: 3600pcs/hour calculated based on 500ml PET bottle

High pressure compressed air: (based on 500ml): 3.0Mpa

Air consumption: 2.5 M3/min

Low pressure compressed air: (based on 500ml): 0.7 Mpa

Air consumption: 2.0 M3/min

Power Capacity: 47 KW

External dimension: 3150x2200x2130mm

Weight: 5000kg

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