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Model DPP-140 Flat-Plate Type Blister Packaging Machine


The Dpp-140 flat-plate type blister packing machines is one of the latest models designed and developed by a team of engineers with over ten years experience in aluminium-plastic blister packaging. This unit is a stable, easy to use hassle free and easy maintenance machine that out performs its rivals. The DPP-140 is suitable for sealing, and packing bubble cap tablets, pills, capsules, sweets, medical instruments electronic components and more


Adjustable stroke: Design sheet freely within the range of 40-110 mm, thus suitable for production of various varieties and specifications

Plate-type structure: It can pack various shapes such as squares, triangles, ovals and other matters in special shapes

Positive-pressure formation: The bubble cap made is uniform in wall thickness, stiff and smooth, thus enable packaging to be more presentable.

The process as forming, heating, pressing, batch no. printing and cutting are completed automatically

Main Technical Parameters

Punching Speed: 25-35 times/min

Punching Sheets: Standard Sheet Size: 5681.6(mm) Two Pieces Each Time

Max Sheet Size: 110130

Packing Efficiency: 4.8-15.3 Thousand pcs/h

Adjustable Range of Stroke: 40-110mm

Power Supply: 380V/50Hz,4Kw,3 Phases and 5 wires

Dimensions: 23006001400mm

Weight: 700Kg

Packing Materials: PVC:(Width)100-140mm(Thickness) 0.25mm

Packing Materials: PTP:(Width)100-140mm(Thickness) 0.02mm

Air Compressor: =>0.1m3/min

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