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Model DZ-300 Household Vacuum Packing Machine


DZ-300 series household vacuum machine creates maximum air extraction.

The product after packing can be prevented from tainting or dehydration and be kept fresh for longer time at normal temperature.

The machine adopts digital control sealing time and the overheating protection alarm.

DZ-300 series household vacuum sealer is applied for all kinds of plastic bags for vacuum packaging.


Excellent vacuum extraction performance.

Small in size, simple in structure, easy to use.

Main Technical Parameters

Model: DZ-300

Air Extraction method: Outside Pumping

Sealing Length: 280mm

Ultimate Vacuum pressure: -0.35Kpa

Sealing Power: 120W

Pump Power: 120W

Sealing Temperature: ≤200°C

Sealing Time: Digital Set,Automatic control

External Size: 350*140*70mm

Net Weight: 2.4kg

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