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Model DZD-1000 Continuous Vacuum Packing Machine


Vacuum packaging machine can finish the whole process of vacuum extraction, sealing, cooling and exhausts automatically. The products after packing can be prevented from oxidation, growing mould, insects or getting damp, thus they can be kept fresh for longer time.

DZD-100 continuous rolling vacuum packaging machine is modern packaging equipment. It is compatible with all kinds of plastic bags or aluminium foil composite film bag.

This machine is widely used for packing raw and cooked food, meat products, fruit, sauce products, herbs, chemicals, precision instruments, clothing, metal products, electronic components and other solid, powder and liquid objects.


Stainless steel body avoids oxidation and rusting.

Full automatic control system, easy to operate.

Operating system sealed, the whole machine can be water cleaned.

Machine can tilt to four angles to meet a variety of packaging requirements.

Rolling type continuous packaging, raising work efficiency.

The machine especially suitable for vacuum packing pickles, vegetables, frozen products, aquatic products, poultry products and so on.

Main Technical Parameters

Model: DZD-1000

Ultimate Vacuum : ≤6*10-²Pa

Vacuum Pump Model: #160

Voltage: Three Phrase 380V /50HZ

Power: 5.8KW

Size of vacuum chamber (L*W*H): 1070*400*100mm

Effective Sealing Size: 1000×10(8)mm

Work Efficiency: 2-5 times/min

External Dimensions: 1800×1400×1500mm

Machine Weight: 800kg

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