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Model FAST Full Automatic Spray Type Continous


The products are sterilized and cooled by three processing stages such s steam spray or circulated hot water spray sterilization circulated warm water precooling and hilled water spray cooling. The machine is equipped with a stainless stellframe, special high temperature resistant network chain, and stepless speed adjustment system. Its suitable for the sterilization of foods such as tomato suice, fruit and vegetable beverages, pickles, kraut, jam, bean products etc. Packaged by containers such as metal cans, glass bottles, PET bottles, PET bags.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity: 100-1000 cans/min

Sterilization temperature: 90-100 degrees celcius

Sterilization mode: Steam or mixed hot water spraying

Cooling mode: Circulated warm water and cooling water

Steam pressure: 10.4-0.6MPa

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