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Model FATS Full Automatic Tubular UHT Sterilizer


Sheath and calandria type UHT sterilizers are widely used in the fully automatic heat treatment system for liquid foodstuff. It has a wide viscosity range, and can be suitable for food with fibre and cells, such as tomato ketchup, ice cream, margarine, jam etc. The products are processed in a totally enclosed system without second pollution and all the product contact parts are made of international standard SUS316L material. The warming and cooling effectively decrease the loss of flavour and nutrient content. It fully automatically controlled and equipped with online termperature inspection for the heat section, preservation section and cooling section, thus the temperature can e adjusted and controlled automatically. The UHT sterilizer can be connected to any type of flter, including aseptic or any other type of filler.

Main Technical Parameters

Production Capacity: 1-30t/h

Sterilization temperature: 90-140 degrees celcius

Heat exchanging mode: Steam or mixed type

Sheath type: Fair type or corrugated type

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