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Model GJ-ZF SERIES X-Ray Inspection System


This machine is suitable for bag food, can food, toys and clothing, shoes etc


Window XP Professional Operating System

Large Scale LCD with touch screen and friendly user interface

Leading detector with 0.2mm ? 0.4mm pixel pitch. Can detect small foreign objects such as metal stone , glass and plastic

Advanced image processing algorithms and pattern recognition techniques

Detect foreign objects in products , packaged in aluminum foil

Detect foreign objects in glass canned food and tin canned food

Unwanted metal objects can be detected , while the metal parts belonging to the product itself can be ignored via algorithms

Special pattern recognition algorithms for special products

Anode current of x ray source below 1mA assure safety for foods

The various protective devices assure safety for operators , they past the testing of Shanghai radiate environment supervisory station

Main Technical Parameters

Beam Direction: Top Down

Operation Power: AC 220V +- 10%, 50 HZ

Power Consumption: 1.0 KVA (Max Value)

Anode Voltage: 80 kV

Anode Current >1MA

Operation Temprature : 0 Degrees – 40 Degrees

Overall Dimention : 2200mm X 550mm X 1600mm

Tunnel Width: 400mm ; 250mm

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