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Model GL-550100200 Automatic Dry Granulating Machine


Dry granulating, the latest granulating method, developed after the second method granulating-one-step granulating. This is a kind of granulating crafts without pollution. The powder pressed to granule directly by this dry granulating machine. Dry granulating is widely adopted by pharmaceutical, foodstuff, chemical industry ect. Especially suitable for granulating the material which is easily resolved and lose efficacy or agglomerate when moist or heat. The granule after granulated by this machine can be pressed to tablet or feed directly into capsules.


Automatic vacuum feeding closed automatic operation

All accessories contact with the medicament can be uninstalled and re-installed quickly, and cleaned separately

Eccentric wheel controlled by computer, to meet the demand of the thickness, rigidity of the sheet

Double screens modification, made the powder to the minimum size

Water circle cooling system prevents the medicine from deteriorating due to the high temperature

Main Technical Parameters


Max. Capacity: 1-5 kg

Granular sizes: 0.4-2 mm

Roller: 100×40 mm

Max. Pulling force: 68 KN

Total power: 2 KW

Dimension: 1000x800x1200 mm

Compressed Air: 50 L/min

Weight: 600 kg


Max. Capacity: 10-50 kg

Granular sizes: 0.4-2 mm

Roller: 150×70 mm

Max. Pulling force: 150 KN

Total power: 7 KW

Dimension: 1500x1000x1400 mm

Compressed Air: 150 L/min

Weight: 1000 kg


Max. Capacity: 20-100 kg

Granular sizes: 0.4-2 mm

Roller: 230×70 mm

Max. Pulling force: 210 KN

Total power: 10 KW

Dimension: 1500x1200x1600 mm

Compressed Air: 250 L/min

Weight: 1600 kg


Max. Capacity: 50-200 kg

Granular sizes: 0.4-2 mm

Roller: 250×120 mm

Max. Pulling force: 350 KN

Total power: 18 KW

Dimension: 1800x1500x1800 mm

Compressed Air: 500 L/min

Weight: 2800 kg

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