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Model GPFL Gear Pump Filling Line



Six heads are used for filling, capping and labelling. This unit is suitable for filling low viscidity liquid such as detergents. The linkage line is also an auto counting, filling, capping and labelling production line for detergents. All the parts that make contact with the product are stainless steel. The whole production line is controlled by PLC, server motor allowing this unit to be achieve high levels of accuracy at a fast pace as well as still being precise with labelling.

To be used for water products or special requirement products.


Server motor drives gear pumps to dose filling volume, filling volume can be set on touch screen.

The whole machine has 6 testing points, and the work state can be displayed on touch screen, which is more intelligent.

The machine is easy to clean.

Linear capping is flexible and easy to adjust.

The labelling machine is suitable for ellipse bottle, square bottle and with advanced function, simple operation and compact structure.

Labelling adopts photoelectric detection, PLC control, touching software operation. Conveyor, stabilizer, top belt and rolling bottle belt are all stepless frequency conversion variable speeds, and with advantage of precise labelling and high accuracy.

It has the function of no bottle no labelling, auto correction without labels, auto detection and so on.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Volume 50-5000ml

Filling Heads 6

Production Capacity 100ml 80P/min 300ml 54P/min 1000ml 36P/min

Filling accuracy 0.5-1%

Label speed 3~60m/min

Label accuracy ±1mm

Label min length 10mm

Power supply 220V、50Hzb

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