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Model HFL Hot Filling Line


This unit is capable of automatically filling, cooling and labeling. The line is suitible for gassy material such as liquid foundations, it eliminates bubbles and measures the amount to be filled, cools and seals. This unit also comes with an array of features, PLC controlling, server electric machinery measuring, high filling accuracy, fast filling speed, firm sealing and an even film shape. Most commonly this machine is used to fill gassy materials and materials that need heat filling, cooling and sealing.


The vacuum bubble eliminating and filling are operated in one machine.

The server electric machinery drives the material filling pole; you can set the filling volume on the touch screen.

The whole machine has 6 filling nozzles. Linear filling and high filling speed.

The filling adopts photoelectric detecting, PLC controlling, and touch system operation. The filling measurement is accurate and the accuracy is high.

Filling nozzle can be changed according to the materials’ characteristics, no cobwebbing, no leak through. More functions: No bottle, no filling; Automatic Detecting.

The industrial cooling compressor is adjustable, the chilling point and the transit speed can be adjusted according to your demand.

The film sealing machine is adaptable to kinds of material roll films and different types of bottles; the film sealing is firm and good looking.

Main Technical Parameters

Filling Volume 2-50ml

Filling Nuzzles 6 Sets

Production Speed 30-60 B/min

Filling Accuracy ±1%

Sealing film Type roll film

Seal Diameter Φ40-90mm(different dimension can be custom made)

Compressed Air 0.5-0.8MPa

Power Supply 380V (freezer),220V/50Hz

The Whole Line Power About8500kW

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